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This volume has presented a systematic approach to strategic center of gravity analysis, and the Disciple-COG agent, which can be used by military personnel to analyze situations of interest. Although Disciple-COG is an artificial intelligence program, its use does not require any knowledge of artificial intelligence or computer science. Indeed, after a brief demonstration of its capabilities, military planners can use it with limited or no support. This ease of use, and the fact that the analysis performed by Disciple-COG is very natural and easy to understand, makes Disciple-COG ideal for use in the education and training of military personnel. Indeed, according to the students from the Army War College and the Air War College, the use of Disciple-COG is an assignment that is well suited to the course's learning objectives. Disciple-COG helped them to learn to perform a strategic COG analysis of a situation, and it should be used in future versions of center of gravity analysis courses. Moreover, they thought that a system like Disciple-COG could be used in other Army War College and Air War College courses.

This volume was written for the end-user of Disciple-COG. However, the readers interested in the artificial intelligence methods implemented in Disciple-COG, as well as those interested in teaching Disciple-COG may consult other papers available at http://lac.gmu.edu/publications, such as (Tecuci et al. 2002), or contact the authors of this volume.