Winter 2002 AI Magazine article on Disciple-RKF/COG

The Winter 2002 issue of the AI Magazine contains the joint LALAB Army War College paper Training and Using Disciple Agents: A Case Study in the Military Center of Gravity Analysis Domain by Gheorghe Tecuci, Mihai Boicu, Dorin Marcu, Bogdan Stanescu, Cristina Boicu and Jerome Comello. This follows the Summer 2001 AI Magazine article on Disciple-COA: An Innovative Application from the DARPA Knowledge Bases Program: Rapid Development of a Course of Action Critiquer," by Gheorghe Tecuci, Mihai Boicu, Michael Bowman and Dorin Marcu, with a commentary by Murray Burke, the program manager of the DARPA's HPKB and RKF programs.