Mihai Boicu                          

Welcome to my homepage!

I am the Associate Director of the Learning Agents Center since 2002 and Assistant Professor of Information Technology in Applied Information Technology Department since 2007. I received my Ph.D. degree from George Mason University in 2003. I published over 80 scientific publications, including co-authoring two books, fourteen journal papers, and four book chapters.  I was co-editor for workshop proceedings and a special issue of the Artificial Intelligence Magazine. I had contributions in several areas of Artificial Intelligence: Instructable Agents, Knowledge Engineering, Multi-agent Systems and Mixed-initiative Reasoning.

I received several awards for the research and educational activity performed. I received the Innovative Application Award at IAAI-2002, the Fourteenth Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, July 30-August 1, 2002, for the paper “Development and Deployment of a Disciple Agent for Center of Gravity Analysis,” by Tecuci G., Boicu M., Marcu D., Stanescu B., Boicu C., Comello J., Lopez A., Donlon J., Cleckner W. I received a Certificate of appreciation awarded by Colonel Jeffrey P. Hightaian, the Director of the Warfighting Center of Air University, for Outstanding Service to the Air War College Maxwell Air Force Base Alabama; several Certificates of appreciation and the Centennial Coin awarded by General Robert Ivany, the Commandant of the US Army War College; Certificate of Appreciation awarded by Prof. Douglas Campbell, Director of the Center for Strategic Leadership of the US Army War College. I also received Outstanding Graduate Student in Information Technology Award presented by Knowledge Consulting Group, George Mason University