Intelligence Analysis as Discovery of Evidence, Hypotheses, and Arguments: Connecting the Dots

The current version of Disciple-CD is 2016.11

System Requirements

Disciple-CD v2016.11 has the following recommended configuration:

How to Install Disciple-CD

  • Download Disciple-CD by clicking on the following link: installdisciplecd-v2016.11.bin
    (SHA1: 1511150E1E9219F0DD668566D53C7EC43B624F0A)
  • Rename the downloaded file to installdisciplecd-v2016.11.exe
  • Install Disciple-CD by starting the setup program (installdisciplecd-v2016.11.exe). Read and accept the license agreement, then follow the installation instructions as they appear on the screen. This will create the installation folder containing the system.
  • You are now ready to use Disciple-CD by invoking it from "Start Menu --> All Programs --> Disciple-CD v2016.11".

How to Uninstall Disciple-CD

Be aware that when Disciple-CD is uninstalled, all data entered using it will be lost!

  • Make a copy of the "repository" folder from the system installation folder if you need to preserve any data from the current knowledge bases.
  • Start the Uninstall program either from "Start Menu --> All Programs --> Disciple-CD v2016.11" or from the Control Panel and follow the instructions.

How to report issues about Disciple-CD

If you have questions about Disciple-CD, or would like to report issues/bugs, please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" page first. If your concerns have not been already addressed there, please send an email to Disciple User Support (disciple at gmu dot edu), using 'Disciple-CD' as the subject.

What's New

  • v2016.11: A few corrections in the repository (concept descriptions, case study instructions).
  • v2016.09: Initial version.