Mihai Boicu                          


Courses at Mason

I am currently teaching and coordinating the teaching of the following courses:

The following courses were taught by me, as part of the Applied Information Technology curriculum, based on his cross-disciplinary background:

I was among the first in the Applied Information Technology Department to offer online versions of my courses, teaching online the following courses, either in synchronous or asynchronous way:

Additionally, I had co-taught a one week intensive course for intelligence analysts during Summer 2009, teaching evidence-based reasoning with Disciple-LTA, a cognitive assistant developed in the Learning Agents Center.

Other Courses

Since 2001, I have been supporting several courses at the US Army War College, in Carlisle, PA. There, during the last 5 years, I had co-taught or assisted in teaching the following elective courses:

The course "CL2217c Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence" has 10 sessions, 3 hours each. The students are high ranking (lieutenant colonels and colonels) military intelligence analysts or users of intelligence. The course: 1) Provides an overview of Intelligence Analysis and Artificial Intelligence; 2) Helps students link Intelligence Analysis concepts with Artificial Intelligence concepts through the use of Disciple-LTA; 3) Involves the students in the Disciple-LTA research, both as subject matter experts and as end-users; and 4) Collects feedback and experimental data on the use of Disciple-LTA.

The course "WF2207 Case Studies in Center of Gravity Determination" has 10 sessions, 3 hours each. The students are high ranking military officers (lieutenant colonels and colonels). During 5 of the sessions, the regular instructor from the US Army War College teaches the theory of center of gravity determination. During the other 5 sections the students are taught and supervised to use Disciple-COG, a decision-support and tutoring system for center of gravity analysis. The students are guided by Disciple-COG to specify a scenario of interest. Then Disciple-COG determines and analyses the center of gravity candidates. The analyses are studied and finalized by the students, and are defended at the end of the course.

Dr. Boicu has also assisted in the use of the Disciple-LTA system in several lectures on intelligence analysis at the US Army Intelligence Center, in Ft Huachuca, AZ, which trains all the intelligence officers for the US Army and at the Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL.

Course Development Activities (6)

Developed online versions of the following courses which are part of the IT program:

Also developed three new courses as part of the IT program:

Contributed to the improvement of other courses. For instance,  advocated to the separation of IT108 in two new courses, process currently under development.

Also developed the following textbook for courses taught at various War Colleges: