Mihai Boicu                          

About me...   

My name is Mihai Boicu [me high boy ku]. Mihai is the Romanian version for Michael or MiKaEl.

I like teaching which I regard as a joint discovery process using Socratic methods, and I am currently working as an Assistant Professor of Information Technology in the Applied Information Technology Department of the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering in George Mason University.

I am also the Associate Director of the Learning Agents Center where I manage and perform research projects in various Artificial Intelligence areas, from basic research to prototyping and transitioning.

I am the father of two lovely girls, Alexandra and Andrea thanks to their mother, Cristina, who is also a very good researcher.

I like reading, listening to music and sometimes playing piano.

 I like spending time outside, hiking, playing sports and traveling.

I am Christian-Orthodox and had the chance of great spiritual fathers who spent many years in communist prisons for their belief: Priest Constantin Voicescu and Priest Gheorghe Calciu. I am currently attending Saint Mary Orthodox Church.